Day 11

Got up this morning, Tuesday 01/05/16, and did a mobility workout with Jill Miller’s Alpha Yoga Therapy Ball. I spent about 2 1/2 minutes on each lower leg, upper leg, pelvis, low back, thoracic spine, cervical spine/head.

The yoga therapy balls are great. I have a complete set at work which I need to bring home to take advantage of the different sizes. If you have been using lacrosse balls to help improve fascial mobility you should really check out the yoga therapy balls. They are not as hard as a lacrosse ball which allows them to grip the skin and underlying fascia better. A great tool to any mobility program.

So my program this month is going to be cardio and strength training every other day (along with some mobility work at the end of each session) and a dedicated mobility session on the alternate day. My intention is to use the mobility work to improve recovery as I build into the strength and cardio training. I’ll see how it goes.

Day 10

Happy New Year!

Did my most recent workout yesterday, Monday 01/04/16.

The kids returned home new year’s day and the weekend was full of getting back into routines.

For Christmas my Mom got me a Garmin Vivofit2 health monitor and I have been getting used to wearing it and tracking my “steps” over the day. I say “steps” because you wear it on your wrist and it monitors arm motion assuming it is the reciprocal arm swing during walking. If not walking, it is movement which is better than no movement! The general thought is that a person should take 10,000 steps during a day. I’m taking about 7,000, so I have some room for improvement. I’ll post my progress.

5 minute warm-up (3D UE and LE matrix)
5 Rounds of 30 seconds on/20 seconds rest: TRX ST push-up, TRX ST row, TRX ST squat, TRX ST plank.
20 minutes cool down with the YogaTherapy Ball.

Day 9


10 minutes warm-up UE, LE, UE/LE 3D Matrix

5 Rounds, 30 seconds work, 20 seconds rests; TRX ST push-ups, TRX ST squats, TRX ST rows, TRX ST squats, ViPR R lateral/anterior lunge with UE 3Kg lift and twist, TRX ST plank, ViPR L lateral/anterior lunge with UE 3Kg lift and twist.

20 minutes cool-down. ST pec stretch, lumbar stretch, golf stretch; YT Ball B hamstrings, glutes, QL, lumbar

Wanted to do TRX rip trainer squats but after two rounds, my right knee started to ache so I switched to TRX ST squats…I think the number of squats along with the lateral/anterior lunges tweaked the knee.

Day 8

Mobility with the TRX suspension trainer this morning. First time devoting time to a mobility workout exclusively and it felt great! A hybrid of yoga and TRX. Surprisingly really felt it in my low back–a good reminder to move into and out of positions mindfully as tight areas begin to open up and move.

5 minute warm up (3D matrix–UE, LE, UE/LE)

5 rounds (30 seconds on/10 seconds off) TRX ST “T”/”Y”/”I”-fly with R LE step; TRX ST “T”/”Y”/”I”-fly with L LE step; TRX ST R lateral hip drop; TRX ST L lateral hip drop; TRX ST R anterior lunge; TRX ST L anterior lunge; TRX ST forward hip flex.

10 minutes cool-down (YT balls B hamstrings, ITB, calves, piriformis/gluteals)

Day 7 (Sunday, 12/27)

Great workout last night, increased the work time while keeping the rest time the same.

5 minute Warm up (3D Matrix UE, 3D Matrix LE, 3D Matrix UE/LE)

5 rounds (30 seconds work/15 seconds rest) TRX ST push up, ViPR B anterior lunge with UE going overhead, TRX ST row, ViPR B rotational lunge with weight at chest, TRX ST squat.

10 minute cool down (YogaTherapy balls, piriformis/gluteals, QL, lumbar paraspinals, scapular stabilizers.)